The Artemician Project


2/18/08: Alright, Thesis Woes. So, for those who don't know, and are still around, I'm in the process of finishing up grad school and getting my thesis in working order, so that's been the top priority for the past months. I have one more issue finished, which will be posted on a twice a week basis for now. Updates are reverting to Teusday Thursday. I need my Saturdays.....

12/02/06: Yeah, so I forgot a page Sorry about that, like back in Oct or Nov. I can't number dates well without a calendar apparently. So to make up to make up for it, and for any other date errors I make in the future, there will be special edition pages spread out at random times. For instance, expect one around Christmas.

10/14/06: New Update Schedule Starting next Tuesday, the 17th, the comic will begin updating three times a week. That's right, THREE times a week. There was much rejoicing. So now expect updates Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Whee!

09/01/06: Links Because I don't think straight I forgot to mention earlier - If anyone of you out there are interested in a link exchange let me know. Contact information can be found on the main artemic page, as well as the link page with banners and suchness. ..I'll probably through a few more there later. If you are interested, drop me a line.

08/29/06: The Day as finally arrived! Behold, comicdom at last. 10 hours and 30 cups of green tea later, the perl script has finally been fixed and uploads can begin witha vigor. I believe for now I shall update twice a week, at least until I can figure out exactly how much time I have once classes start up. I would like 3 times a week, but I think for now it'll be Tuesdays and Fridays, to take a cue from GoAK.

And yes, the first page is in black and white. There are no plans in the near future to change it...what can I say? Shoot me. And yes, I don't have a cover yet for each volume or issue. There are however plans to do this, now that the scripting nightmare has been taken care of. Just gotta think up some cover designs and tinker around in illustrator a while I guess.

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